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Wanna go to the movies? [Oct. 14th, 2006|05:57 pm]
Long Island Singles

Looks like I'm single again, so I'd like to propose this: There's a few movies out that I want to see, but most of my friends are in relationships so the choice is see it with them and be a third wheel, or find someone new to go see them with...

The two I want to see most right now are:

The Illusionist (In Theatres Now)
Starring Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, Paul Giamatti
In turn-of-the-century Vienna, a magician (Norton) uses his abilities to secure the love of a woman far above his social standing.

The Prestige (Out next week)
Starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson
In turn-of-the-century London, the two magicians (Bale and Jackman) become rivals after they're exposed in a fraudulent séance. Bent on destroying one another's lives and careers leads to terrible consequences for both men.

If anyone would like to meet, and check out these movies, I'm game, though my schedule is not that flexible, so it'd have to be a 9PM+ show during the week or a weekend.

Let me know!
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2006|08:41 pm]
Long Island Singles

well im single once again (well have been for a little while now) so I thought I'd start back up here again. To introduce myself AGAIN! :-D

Tiffany is the name and I am 22 years old. Im currently in Farmingdale but I MIGHT be moving to somewhere else by may or so. I recently graduated from Stony Brook University. It's now off to Nassau for a certificate in Paralegal studies. I was in a 2 year relationship but that ended when I realized how much he was wrong for me. I am into a lot of unusal stuff. My new thing is GEOCACHING. Thanks to Mr. Jaypoc, I am out doing it when i can. This weekend actually im going to Lancaster PA to do a little caching with friends. (no im not going to lancaster JUST to cache). I also like reading/researching things that intrest me. One being the Kennedys. Sadly, i haven't had time to do many things becuase of the whole working thing. Also, I haven't had anyone to do it with! :-D

Anyway that's my semi rambling. Thought I'd pop in to say hello! :-D
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2006|05:55 pm]
Long Island Singles

hello lisingles! I haven't posted here in a while.

hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

stay cool! hehe!

ABOUT ME: check out myspace
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Still Single. Interested? Reply or Write me [Jul. 14th, 2006|02:14 pm]
Long Island Singles

Wow, Its been a while since I posted in my singles community, and I'm still single (it's my own fault though, I'm just not aggressive enough!) Anyways...

Name: Jason (Everyone calls me Jaypoc though)
Age: 29
Sex: male
Location: North Babylon, NY
Height: 5' 9"
Body Type: Average
Hair: Dark Brown/Long
Eyes: Brown
Religion: Jewish (non-religious)
Ethnicity: White
Language: English
Education: Some college
Smoker: No
Drinker: Occaisionally
Marital Status: Single, Never married, No kids
Living situation: Homeowner

Age: 25 - 35
Sex: Female
Location: Long Island (Preferably Western Suffolk/Eastern Nassau, but doesn't really matter)
Height: Doesn't Matter
Body Type: Petite to Average
Hair: Doesn't Matter
Eyes: Doesn't Matter
Religion: Any
Ethnicity: Any
Language: English
Education: Doesn't Matter
Smoker: No
Drinker: Doesn't Matter
Marital Status: Single, No kids
Living situation: Doesn't Matter

Pics of me behind cutCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2006|06:30 pm]
Long Island Singles

Name: Deborah
Age: 30
Sex: female
Location: Flushing, NY
Height: 5 4
Body Type: Average
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue green hazel
Religion: Jewish
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Education: BA 1999
Smoker: no
Drinker: no
Marital Status: single, never married, no kids
Living situation: live with my dad and sis

Age: 27 - 40
Sex: male
Location: New York City, Westchester, Long Island, basically with in 25 miles or so
Height: 5'4" and up
Body Type: Average
Hair: doesnt matter
Eyes: doesn't matter
Religion: any
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Education: College (attending or graduated) or Graduate School (attending, planning to attend, or graduated)
Smoker: NO
Drinker: socially and/or rarely
Marital Status: single, never married, no kids
Living situation: Dosen't really matter

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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2006|05:38 pm]
Long Island Singles

It's been a long time since anybody has been active in the group. I'm curious if anybody is still watching or if anybody wants to have another LIIngles Livejournal Meet... Post here and let us all know.

NAME: Jason
AGE: 29
LOCATION: North Babylon, NY
LOOKING FOR: F; 25-31; Non-Smoker
INTERESTED IN: Friends, Dating.
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Stoopid Kool [Jan. 4th, 2006|04:06 pm]
Long Island Singles

I command all of you to check out http://thetartcart.com. Don't get offended by the name, it's about idiots, not handicapped people. And the biggest idiot in the world has her own editorial section. Yep. Me! And you can be sure I shout out Long Island in my rants. I'm sure you all can relate to them.

The site also has a collection of hilarious pictures, videos, jokes, etc. There are games, streaming audio, and even a Q&A section called Ask a Tart where I also give helpful advice and impart my wisdom. After all, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people. So check it out!

The site is still pretty new so we add more to it and tweak it everyday. If you guys have any funny pics, videos, jokes that we could add to the site email them to me at jamie.tart@gmail.com. Thanks!

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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2005|09:51 pm]
Long Island Singles

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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2005|06:13 pm]
Long Island Singles

Happy Holidays :)

Image behind the cutCollapse )

x-posted, but not much =P
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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2005|10:04 am]
Long Island Singles
Name: samantha

Age: 16

SN: hipplikebadass

What you look for: a great personality, someone who can have a conversation about the most serious or the most retarded topics, someone who can make me laugh.. no one to over possesive, nothing older then 18, no younger then 16... other then those things i think anyone is ok

Sexual Preference: I like boys

Describe yourself: I'm 5'1'' redishbrown short hair, glasses cuz i'm that big of a nerd?
im very sarcastic.. hmm, iono just talk to me on here or on aim to find out more.

Location on Long Island: west islip ny

Hobbies: graphic design type things, html codes and such(which includes layouts) photography

What do you do: nothing i dont have a job currently

Why you joined: just to see whats ouut there for me.

Where did you hear about us: lj

Favorite place to hang out: playgrounds... yeah cool right?

One Secret: i hate playdough
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